Before You Go

Without a valid passport you won't be allowed to enter any country.



Visa is not required to most of European countries for stay up to 90 days. 

Countries requiring visa: Russia, Belarus

on Sunday October 04

According to airline allowances and regulations, within the regular ticket limits you can take with one carry-on luggage and one check-in. Should you wish to take additional luggage, you can do so being a subject of the airline's additional excess baggage fee. Excess baggage fees may vary depending on the carrier airline.

on Sunday October 04

Yes. Make sure that you have travel insurance purchased for your tour.

on Monday October 05

Depending on your nationality and the destination that you are travelling to, you might need to obatin a VISA.

We issue Letters of Confirmation to our customers that purchased a tour with us and need to apply for a VISA.

Depending on destination (country), we may issue a voucher that will be needed for a VISA issuing authority.

In each case please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

on Monday October 05